Pole classes

Outfit: Shorts (compulsory), barefoot.


Jewellery that could damage the bars is strictly forbidden (rings, watches, bracelets, etc.).


All classes begin with a warm-up. The teacher reserves the right to indicate the most appropriate class for your level.

The pole

You are dreaming of your best shape and wellbeing while having fun? Forget boring sports, your body and mind will be thankful for you choosing… pole dancing!


No perfect body, strength or natural flexibility needed, all of that will come with practice.


Artistic and athletic discipline, pole dancing is suitable for all, regardless age, sex and previous sports experience. It is a fun way of toning the body, developing flexibility and boosting self confidence.

Classes by levels


Il n’est pas nécessaire d’être sportif pour débuter. Force, souplesse et technique s’acquièrent peu à peu.

You have never tried pole dancing before or only a few classes.
Beginner 1
Vous avez acquis les bases en initiation et souhaitez approfondir votre maîtrise des fondements de la pole dance.

Beginner 2
Vous avez suivi le programme Débutant 1 et maîtrisez les figures de base (montée push-up, sit, planche, crucifix tête en haut, front et back hook, chaise…). Vous êtes familier avec les modes spinning et statique et commencez à vous inverser.


Intermediate 1
You have the basic techniques of pole dancing, are able to invert, hang in an inside and outside leg from both sides. You feel safe performing short combos in static and spinning mode.


Intermediate 2
You control your technique and can perform combos, tricks and transitions in static and spinning mode. You are starting to invert from heights, to learn shoulder mounts and twisted grips.


Intermediate 3
You are comfortable with inverted tricks and transitions and you can combine them in static and spinning mode, from a height. You are able to do a shoulder mount and a twisted grip from the floor. You can perform longer combos.


You are teaching pole dance or perform in shows/competitions. You can deadlift and/or do extreme flexibility tricks.

Cours tous niveaux

These classes offer tricks and combos
adaptable to yourlevel.

Pole combo

This class is perfect to combine tricks and transitions learnt in level classes. You will learn combos in static and spinning mode, with music.
The teacher can decide to keep the same combo for several classes.

Pole choré

Learn a choreography around the pole, with music. A fun way to express yourself in different styles (choreo changes approximately every 6 weeks). Technical pole dancing takes a secondary place in this class.

Pole spinning

You will work exclusively on a spinning pole (the pole rotates), learn tricks and transitions and to control your rotation speed.
apprendrez des figures et transitions ainsi qu’à maîtriser votre vitesse de rotation.

Pole statique

You will work exclusively on a static pole (the pole is not spinning).
You will learn dynamic or technical tricks and transitions.

The others classes


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